The Himeville Museum is an important part of acknowledging the beauty and heritage of this entire area. Each year it hosts a fete and a Christmas market and they are both well supported by the community and visitors alike.

Located in the Main Road, it displays an impressive collection of exhibits, making it one of the top rural museums in South Africa. It was constructed in 1899 as a prison and has, since then, been part of the history of this town. In 1972 that it was abandoned as a prison. Four years later, it was turned into a museum and, in 1978, it was recognised as a National Monument.
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Himeville Museum
           Main Road, Himeville

           Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00am to 15:00pm
           Sunday from 9:00am to 12:30pm
           Closed on Mondays.

           033 702 1184
Exhibits include fossils and artefacts from the Stone Age, which reveal important information about prehistoric Africa and the world that once was. Thousands of years ago, this area was home to indigenous tribes of San folk, who were hunter-gatherers that lived off the land. These ones left rock art, as well as living implements that reveal much about their ancient way of life. Some of these can also be seen at Himeville Museum.

The Boer War and the two World Wars are important exhibits; testifying to times in which man lived and died for countries around the globe. Other significant features of the Himeville Museum include wildlife, the earliest post office and telephone exchange, a prison cell, farming tools and an old schoolroom.
Join the fun at the Himeville Museum for the annual Christmas Market on the 17th Decmber 2016 !